1. How do I know if my monthly contributions are under my name because each time I contribute, the receipt I get from SNPF doesn’t bear any of my details, be it name, address, or tax ID, but it bears those of my employer [Name and number]? I am afraid I can be robed and have nothing to prove my stand in the future.
    • The Swaziland National Provident Fund uses graded tax numbers to store a members’ data. Each Graded Tax number is different from the other and only belongs to one individual. Therefore, if you are not so sure whether your contributions are safe or not, visit our offices country-wide with a copy or number of your graded tax and you will be assisted.
    • There are exceptional cases whereby people share graded tax numbers, but those cases are also solved with the assistance of the affected members and the Income Tax Department - which is responsible for issuing out graded tax numbers.
  2. In my case I complete the NPF 200(Ext.) contribution form monthly, which doesn’t require my postal address or any of my contact details, save for the tax I.D. number. So, how do I get to receive the mentioned annual statement of account for my contributions?
    • The Annual Statements when issued are posted to the employer’s postal address since the employer is the one who pays contributions to SNPF on behalf of his workforce. It is the employer’s duty to distribute them to his employees as soon as they arrive.
  3. I would also like to know how to go about registering someone as my survivor, to claim my benefits after I die before claiming them. Lastly, I read the column and was surprised that there are nomination forms one has to fill immediately after joining the Fund which are kept by the CEO. I have never seen these forms nor heard about them before, so I would like to know where to get them because I am interested in following all the stipulated channels of the Fund.
    • As a member of the Fund you can nominate anyone from within your family but definitely not friends. This person will be the survivor who will come to claim your benefits when the contributing member has passed away. We have the nomination forms in all SNPF offices country wide. You may go to a branch near you to complete the form. If you decide to take it with you make sure that once it has been completed you return it so that t is locked up in a safe for future reference. The Customer Service Officers are always there to assist our membership in this regard and all other queries relating to the operations of the Fund. Sometimes you find that your very own HR Managers or Personnel officer has these forms, you may also check with them.
    • What is the situation regarding domestic workers or maids?
      In terms of the SNPF Order, Domestic servants are exempt from paying provident fund. However, if a person who has in his employ wishes to contribute for his or her domestic servant he or she is more than welcome to do so. A person therefore can register and contribute for his or her domestic servant.
    • What are the requirements for an employer to register a company?
      • The first requirement is that the employer must have employees. Documents that are needed for registration are a copy of the certificate of incorporation and a copy of a trading licence. There is a tendency though for companies to start operating before they acquire a trading licence and then hide that to avoid registration. We would encourage them to register and remit contributions to SNPF.
      • What if the employee does not want to have contributions deducted from his/her salary?
        • An employee has no right to refuse to have deductions effected on his or her wages for provident fund contributions because this is a statutory requirement. The employer does the deductions and if the employee causes trouble for that, he or she can be fairly charged for misconduct or whatever charge the employer prefers against them. We do however encourage employers to call on the Fund so as to offer clarification on the purpose and the necessity to have the contributions made.

Chairman's Statement

Chairman Mr. Jobe Mashwama
Chairman of the SNPF Board.
The performance of SNPF during the year under review was one of the best ever for the institution....

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