Service Centre

Thulani Hlanze - Service Centre Manager

Establishment - The Service Center was born out of the need to centralize the Fund’s customer services portfolio to achieve operational efficiency. The different services like Cashier, Claims, Information and Employer registration were found in various offices in all the floors of the building. This caused a lot of strain for members. There had to be a way of putting these services under one roof. Also, some of these offices, like the claims office was small. They could not house many members at the same time. As it can be clearly seen, the Service Center has brought a good, refreshing and welcoming environment.
About the Service Centre

The SNPF Service Centre comprises the following sub-sections:


This is where all employers pay their statutory and supplementary contributions. According to Section 14 (3) of the Swaziland National Provident Fund Order, 1974 all contributions for any month must be paid to the Swaziland National Provident Fund on or before the 21st of the succeeding month. Failure to comply with Order renders the employer liable for penalties under Section 21 (20) of the same Order. Other payment includes the following:

  • Statutory and Supplementary Contributions
  • Penalties
  • Investment income
  • Staff debtors payment
  • Other income


This is where every SNPF member inquires about his/her contribution to the Fund and members are being identified by their graded tax numbers.

  • Members get to know their balances
  • Members get to know if their money does reach the Fund and in the correct amounts
  • Members get to know if their money has been correctly credited to their account.

In cases where the member's money has been wrongly credited, corrective measures are put into place. This may be occasioned by supply of incorrect graded tax number by the employer.

Employer Registration

This is the sub-section where employers register or de-register their companies with the Fund and the registration procedure requires the completion of an application form (NPF1) by the employer. A Certificate of Registration is issued to every registered employer bearing his account number with the Fund.

Also, employers are required to register their eligible employees for membership by completing an Extension Form one month before they become contributing employers. The registration forms are obtainable from any office of the Fund. After the initial employer's registration according to the SNPF Order 1974, every member is required to furnish to his employer with the following relevant information:

  • Full name (not just the initials)
  • Whole graded tax number ( the last seven (7) digits of the graded tax number prefixed by (2)
  • Date of birth
  • Sex – indicated by "M" OR "F"
  • Company work number

NB: Employers are to make sure that the seven digits are correct and clearly entered on all NPF Forms.

Claims Sub-Section

This is where claim applications are logged. The Fund offers the following benefits:

  1. Age Benefit
    It is payable to a member on or after attaining the age of 50 years whether he has retired or not from regular employment.
  2. Retirement Benefit
    It is payable at or after the age of 45 years when the member has retired from regular employment under a contract of service.
  3. Invalidity Benefit
    It is payable to a member irrespective of age, where a member is mentally or physically disabled amounting to total incapacity. The incapacity for work is assessed based on a medical report.
  4. Emigration Benefit
    It is payable to a member irrespective of age, who proves to have emigrated from Swaziland with no intention to return to the Kingdom.
  5. Survivor's Benefit
    It is payable to the members spouse(s) or children or parents or nominee of the deceased member. All payments are made by cheque sent to the address notified by the claimant on his claim form.
  6. Supplementary Contribution
    A Supplementary Contribution is a contribution undertaken voluntarily. It can be deducted from an employee's wages in whole or in part depending on the agreement reached between the employer and employee. The Supplementary credited to contribution a separate account of the employee known as a savings account. The Swaziland National Provident Fund Order allows a member to claim the whole or part of his credit in this account on leaving an employer's service as well as in circumstances which make him eligible for a benefit from his statutory contributions account. The supplementary contribution has the effect of enhancing the member's benefit when he qualifies for one. It also acts as contingency benefit in the event that a member loses his job before reaching the retirement age.
    It will be noted that, the benefits under the Supplementary Contributions arrangement has an element of flexibility when it comes to accessibility. Indeed, any employer is at anytime permitted to make supplementary contribution payments into the Fund for the purpose of giving his eligible employees an improved benefit on retirement.

Chairman's Statement

Chairman Mr. Jobe Mashwama
Chairman of the SNPF Board.
"The conversion of the provident fund to a pension scheme is still a work in progress. Once the actuarial report is included into the draft legislation (to enable accurate calculation of contributions under the pension scheme among others), the proposed legal framework will be ready for cabinet and parliamentary debate as a bill, so that it can pass into law. The anticipated delivery of the pension scheme is still 2013."....

Read the full statement in the 2012 Annual Report